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9 things to remember when planning your wedding day

Now I’m most certainly not an expert, as I’m currently wedding planning myself but fortunately for me, I’m rich with married friends who have shared with me some of their deepest, darkest and most personal wedding highs and lows. Upon analysing all gathered information, it really didn’t take Einstein to work out that there is a pretty strong pattern here between all couples.

Things they wish they had thought of when planning their wedding!

I couldn’t help but wonder what the outcome would have been had all these people at the time of planning had a huge WhatsApp group chat! I feel so many regrets could have been avoided following someone else’s lessons. With their permission I’ve put together a little list of things for you to consider if you are currently planning a wedding. Some may seem somewhat obvious to you but in the weeks leading up to your wedding day – I can only imagine how easy it is for something to be either missed or pushed to the side without much deliberation. Some of these I hadn’t even considered.

Designate a Photo Wrangler

Everyone has that friend or family member that they can rely on to get people into order. Group shots take time, patience and a loud voice that can be heard over excited people. The videographer/photographer will not know who your Cousin or Godmother is. Do not underestimate having someone who knows majority of people present in place to round family and friends up when they are needed. This helps speed things along and keeps your day to schedule. Believe it or not, some of the biggest time lost is trying to find Uncle Bob who went for a little walk around the venue.

Relax night before wedding.

Now, I won’t lie. When someone said this to me, I did think. isn’t that just a given. but without even realising I had planned to prepare the reception fruit for drinks, fold napkins, attach name tags to menus and a million of other fiddley things the night before my wedding and it’s not until October! So, it actually dawned on me that it is SOOO easy to plan a lot for the evening before when really, it is your time to rest and relax for the big day you’ve spent years planning. Get it all done in the weeks leading up to the wedding day and don’t be afraid to delegate jobs to your bridal party when they offer to help. A peaceful, cute slumber night with your squad the night before is exactly what you need!

Take Five.

Try not to get so caught up in the ‘order of the day’ and specific timings that you forget why you are even there. Celebrating the union of you and your soul mate. The one you spent a lifetime waiting for, a thousand lifetimes planning this day with and will spend a million more wishing you’d had just five precious moments together on your wedding day. Whether you spend this watching your friends and family through a window having fun or spend it hiding in your honeymoon suite. you will never get your wedding day back. Make sure you pencil in that alone time, even if its five minutes. So many couples said they wish they had and I’m yet to hear someone who wishes they hadn’t.

Back-up plan for bad weather.

As much as no one like to even say it. It could rain on your wedding day. Be prepared and do not let it ruin your day by having some alternative arrangements in place should it take a turn for the worst.

Know when the sun will set.

If there are certain shots you’ve pinned and are desperate to re-create on your wedding day, bare this in mind with your timings for the day. Allowing some time with your photographer/ videographer at 9.30pm when the sun sets at 7.30pm won’t give you those desired golden hour snaps. Think about what you are wanting and how it needs to be achieved. Speak to your photographer/videographer if you need any advice or help with this. I can promise you (from life on the other side) they would rather you asked and considered lighting than gamble it and be sad that you couldn’t get the photographs and memories you wanted.

Craft Wedding Signs.

Don’t forget to personalise your day. Whether this be by a hand written quote from your favourite film, a welcome sign or a photo bunting. Adding a sentimental visual element for you and your guests to see around your venue on your special day will only add to the wonderful ambience.

Leave Enough Time (and Budget) for Wedding Dress Alterations.

This isn’t just aimed at brides. Grooms also require adjustments. So many get trapped in thinking that any tweaking can be done within a day or two, but this usually isn’t the case. Alterations can time multiple appointments to get perfect. Remember this when shopping and saving! It’s an additional cost lots didn’t budget for and get caught out by.

Eat Food and Drink Water!

This was one of the biggest wedding regrets! So many couples said that they got so caught up in the shenanigans that they didn’t even eat the dinner they paid thousands for. WHAAAT!? The day is long, full of fun, laughter and emotion, you must eat! If in doubt, be prepared and make sure you have a big breakfast in case the day turns into a whirlwind and you don’t have an appetite or moment to eat your delicious meal you spent weeks bickering over. You’ll need the energy for the dance floor after all!

All hands-on board.

Setting up your wedding seems to go fairly smoothly, and everyone finds themselves involved in the excitement. You have a line-up of volunteers willing to help out where possible and if everything seems too good to be true. It is! So many people forget the next day! Getting everything home tends to be a whole different ball game and I’ve been warned. Get some trusty friends ready the next day to help take things down. There is nothing worse than being left stranded with a million boxes full of wedding bits and no one to help transport any of it. Plus, some venues charge if you are late in packing up!

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