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Should I have a videographer on my wedding day?

When couples start planning their wedding day, I think it’s safe to say the never-ending check lists topped with constant advice and recommendations from family and friends can make it seem a tad overwhelming at first. Budgets are set(-ish), and you begin to accept (as much as it pains you) that unfortunately not every saved idea on Pinterest is going to happen. ‘What do you mean we can’t afford to give each guest a puppy as a wedding favor’?!

It becomes very clear early on for many couples what things are considered must haves, and what things could be taken or left. Despite the unique preferences on color schemes and floral displays there is one single thing every bride and groom do however have in common. The one thing you can’t put a price on. Memories. The wish that their wedding will be a day that is cherished and remembered forever by all who were involved.

With that being said Photography finds itself at pretty much the top of most ‘must have’ lists and rightfully so! There is something incredibly powerful about a moment frozen in time. The emotional expressions, the delicate details, the first look pictures that speak a thousand silent words. These beautiful moments can be shown off and shared for all to see for years to come and very often like your imagination when reading a storybook, the images can make a memory come alive. However, there is an element of a wedding day that can’t be captured by a photograph alone. Imagine not having to recreate the day in your mind, over and over. Those still shot moments collectively make a story full of emotion, tears, laugher, words and music that put together make your special day.

A wedding film captures part of the day that could be missed by photography. The aura, the happy vibes the spirit. The echo of your aunties distinctive laugh, the patter of your bridesmaids’ heels as they walk gracefully behind you, your promises spoken to each other, the reactions of your guests when the bride elegantly walks down the aisle. All these moments and sounds are those that whilst in them you won’t see or hear.

I read once that a wedding is kind of like a production.. You have the romance, the costumes, the make-up, the setting, the audience, and the stars of the show – the bride and groom. It makes perfect sense to have this captured on film and be able to host your own premiere ( with copious amounts of popcorn of course) for your friends and family to reminisce with you on one of the happiest days of your lives.

I asked a few recently wed couples that decided to opt for a videographer alongside their photographer if they would be happy to share their reasons behind having both. 


There was no second thought when we decided to have a videographer on our wedding day. In the build up to the big day you are given lots of wise words from friends and family. The most common one we found to be was ''Cherish every moment, it will go so quick’. It is impossible to digest and savour every moment you've spent months and months planning and getting excited for, but having it videoed meant that we were able to watch those moments and be as close to them as possible. After the wedding dust had settled and the blues had kicked in (trust me.. they do) the first thing we wanted to do was watch our wedding film back. We laughed and cried and it gave us a sense of gratitude to all those who shared our wonderful day with us. Being able to see our friends and family laughing, dancing and having so much fun made all the organising (and money spent) so worthwhile. My wife watches her parents wedding video all the time. We hope that one day our future children (and grandchildren) will find it just as special. We also used her parents wedding video song on ours to give it even more sentimental value. Its being able to add these little touches that make it so personal. Having our wedding videoed was honestly the best decision we ever made.

Harry and Pippa

We chose to have a videographer on our wedding day because we wanted to capture and consolidate every moment. Pictures are wonderful but they can often leave so much to the imagination. A video portrays the moment as it was and this was very important to us. Everyday our minds have to make room for unimportant trivia. Occasionally, it nice to sit down and take a moment on what really matters. Our wedding film allows us to do that, to escape and re-live the best day of our lives over and over. 


From the moment I started to plan my wedding having a videographer was top of my list. I wanted to make sure I had a beautifully documented account of our special day and be able to effortlessly re-live the best day with my children and one day grandchildren. 

Lisa and Joe

Seeing our wedding video after months of the post wedding blues brought all the memories back to life. Whilst the photographs made us smile and caught our friends and families in such a naturally beautiful way, our wedding video just amplified how much of a special day it was. In the beginning we were unsure whether having a videographer would be worth the money. You think its just a camera on a tripod in the corner of the room.. It is so much more than that! My advise to anyone getting married is yes! Its a little pricey but every single penny is worth it when you the happiness it brings to everyone that is watching it back. Its a gift that keeps giving as you will never get bored of watching it for hours on repeat and that I can promise!

Of course, whilst having photos and a video of the day isn’t essential to all, it is definitely worth a second thought if you hadn’t already.

Laura - ‘come on let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like the sound of laughter’.

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